All DLC Boss Battles in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot (W All DLCs)

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In this video I'm playing against all bosses in all three DLCs of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot; A new power awakens part 1 and 2 and Trunks: the warrior of hope. I've decided to show all battles that end with a cinematic ending, which include:

SSG Goku and Vegeta vs Beerus at 0:00
SSB Goku and Vegeta vs Golden Frieza at 7:50
Future Gohan vs Android 17 and 18 at 15:09
Future Trunks vs Android 17 and 18 at 18:55
Future Trunks vs Cell at 21:45
Future Trunks vs Babidi and Dabura at 24:52

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