Asmongold Reacts to NEW Games & Trailers | Summer Game Fest - FULL EVENT (E3 2021)

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THE 2021 E3 WEEK HAS BEGUN! Asmongold reaction to Summer Game Fest, presenting a ton of new games (MMOs, RPGs, Shooters, Action Games and more) and of course new trailers, including:

Metal Slug Tactics 0:00
Death Stranding: Director's Cut 2:49
Jurassic World: Evolution 2 9:48
Sable 13:00
Lost Ark 16:04
Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops 19:37
Movie Trailer - Free Guy 24:31
New Among Us Mode 27:02
Salt And Sacrifice 28:33
Solar Ash 32:00
Chivalry 2 33:15
Valorant 35:30
Escape from Tarkov 35:56
Two Point Campus 38:46
Smite 40:45
The Anacrusis 42:06
New World 43:55
Rocket League 45:00
House Of Ashes 46:30
Tales Of Arise 49:10
Sky: Children of Light 51:10
Planet Of Lana 51:52
Overwatch 2 54:28
Dark Alliance: Dungeons & Dragons 56:50
Paladins 58:50
Monster Hunter 1:00:13
What the hell is this!? 1:02:10
Endless Dungeon 1:05:05
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 1:06:55
Far Cry 6 1:08:10
Fall Guys 1:12:32
Genshin Impact 1:13:09
Deviation Games 1:14:10
Sonic Orchestra Performance 1:17:37
Back 4 Blood 1:20:00
Tunic 1:21:10
Tribes of Midgard 1:22:56
Evil Dead 1:25:06
Elden Ring 1:28:28

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