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It took me 5 years, but I can finally say I am the A01-Race World Record Holder! The time still looks absolutely ridiculous to me, but due to the new SD strat, the map has undoubtedly become faster. Anyone who masters both SDs has a serious shot at a mid IMO.

Upon closer inspection, this run clocks in at a (!), which makes it just two thousandths shy of a , but I'm not complaining. The fact that I improved my PB twice in the span of two days is already a small miracle to me. You might notice I have gone wider than in my .86 and that cost me time, but that's strictly speaking not true. A wider line is not necessarily slower (if performed by a human), since you can build up more speed. So I gained the lost time back in the jump and also pulled away a decent amount. With 482+ speed at the last CP, the landing at the ending also becomes airtime-less and you don't bug as often, which is more important than you might think. So that is another advantage of going for the Double-SD.

Like I said before, I think a low is within human reach. I've already gotten this close to .84, so .83 should also be doable and maybe with a god-run also .82. And I would NOT rule out anyone doing an .81, as absurd as that sounds. As for , I have big doubts if humans will ever reach that realm if no new tricks are found.

Former WR: by Drarker


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