NEW UPDATE: BEST Agents TIER LIST For PRO META! - Valorant Patch 2.11

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With how dry the last patch has been, we decided that it would be more productive to talk about the agent meta currently in professional play! This agent tier list will be focused on the pro meta and which agents are most played and most impactful.

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00:00 Intro
00:46 Jett
01:36 Sova
02:24 Killjoy
03:11 Astra
03:47 Viper
04:49 Sage
05:34 Skye
06:27 Raze
06:54 Omen
07:27 Phoenix
07:53 Cypher
08:27 Breach
09:06 Brimstone
09:45 Reyna
10:09 Yoru
10:51 Outro

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