Roblox Piggy Animating Your Comments – GIANT INFECTED WILLOW! Book 2 Chapter 8 Funny Roleplay

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Roblox Piggy Book 2 Chapter 8 is out now and the end cutscene shows Mimi, Budgey, Pony, Willow, Georgie, Zee and Zuzy watching explosions in the distance. In this roleplay animation cutscene, Willow gets rescued by William and Alfis, but Alfis decides to have a spicy snack, then Willow becomes a giant infected but is no match for the baby Kraxicorde ! What do you think will happen in Book 2 Chapter 9? If you want your idea to be turned into a Piggy animation, let me know your ideas and theories down in the comments and if you like these kind of videos, Like and Subscribe for more!

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