SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy Development Continues, SXM8 Launch, Terran R Reveal

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SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy Development Continues, we had the SXM8 Launch, the Terran R Reveal. SpaceX at BocaChica is screaming forward with loads of updates preparing the site for the most powerful rocket ever created to lift off. So much to cover just this week there. SpaceX also successfully launched the SXM8 digital radio satellite, the sister satellite to the ill-fated SXM7. Some surprise announcements from Relativity Space unveiling the Terran R fully reusable launch vehicle design, and Jeff Bezos is going to be among the first to fly on New Shephard next month? Gutsy move there. And although we’ve seen a delay in the scheduled United Launch Alliance STP-3 mission, there are some interesting reasons why that occurred.

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